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Monday, December 11, 2017


 This week President and Sister Packer came to our mission to tell us somethings!

Because im a Zone Leader, we had a special conference between them and us before the normal meeting started!

His wife and I talked for a minute and I found out that shes a SKYLINE EAGLE!!!

Anyway, it was amazing to get to hear from a member of the quorum of the Seventy.  He really impressed upon me the importance of family...  It was really special to hear his wife talk about their 8 kids and 30 grandkids and hear about every mission and language they went to.  The list had like 20 different missions and languages... It was very moving.

I am reminded of my priorities, and when I was reading the Liahona I really liked this story of a 12 year old girl. 

Prioritizing Our Eternal Purpose

Last spring, while I was visiting a class of young women, the teacher asked the class to write our 10 priorities. I quickly began to write. I have to admit, my first thought began with “Number 1: clean the pencil drawer in the kitchen.” When our lists were complete, the Young Women leader asked us to share what we had written. Abby, who had recently turned 12, was sitting next to me. This was Abby’s list:

  1. Go to college.
  2. Become an interior designer.
  3. Go on a mission to India.
  4. Get married in the temple to a returned missionary.
  5. Have five kids and a home.
  6. Send my kids on missions and to college.
  7. Become a “cookie-giving” grandma.
  8. Spoil the grandchildren.
  9. Learn more about the gospel and enjoy life.
  10. Return to live with Father in Heaven.
What a great list... 

Families are truly special, and the place they are the closest is in the Church of Jesus Christ.  If you love your family, please look into the blessings of the church. 


Lunch setting for President Packer

and some feliz navidad

Monday, December 4, 2017


My comp was super sick this past week with stomach pains.  We went to the doctor, they used the Ultrasound and we are relatively postive he doesnt have a baby.

Champion. hahah :)


Dependence is sometimes shunned in this world.  However, as I have been studying, it has been made very clear to me that dependence is an act of humility and when done correctly, is a huge demonstration of love.

A lot of people claim to love their spouses, but don't need them for anything.  They make the money, they pay the bills, they can cook, and clean, and they start to feel a sense of independence.  

The only problem is that we are divinely connected by our spirits, and inseparable.  As human beings, we need each other.  This is part of God´s plan.
"In fact, God has created us to be dependent on others. And “dependent” means that we must quickly learn that others have things to offer us without which we cannot live. It is true that many of the Lord’s creations never see a parent and are able to be self-sufficient the moment they hatch out of an egg. But not so with God’s children. The most helpless creature on the planet is a newly born human, who could not survive for more than a few hours without immediate care. Newborn humans are programmed from birth to receive—and to do so for years. " Kent P. Jackson

I think this Christmas season, we need to remember our dependence on those we love.  This is true humility.  Not even Christ could perform miracles without the faith of those receiving. 

Don't be afraid to depend more.  Mom and Dad, I need you guys.  Kassie, I need you.  My wonderful neighbors and friends, I need you.  Thank you for everything.




and my collection of heartshaped rocks


Monday, November 20, 2017

Hard Work

A lesson I learned this week, is that sometimes we work SUPER hard.  We give it all we´ve got.  And when we think it´ll all work out, we dont see any results.  We worked so hard this past week to help people come to church yesterday, had more than 8 people promise us they were going to come, and they didnt come.

These are good people who Elder McKeachnie and I love, but the difference is that we are only 2 people.  We can only help so much.  Sometimes we work so hard, when it would be better to work together.  So this week, we are going to work more with the leaders, work as a team.

Our most recent convert is a man named Ariel, and he is completely changed.  He is a man of around 35 years who has spent most his life unfocused and using drugs.  He is completely changed.  We talked about the music that we like, and our music tastes are very similar, which is very rare here, so I feel a special connection to the guy.  To see how much he is changing, to see how God is changing his life is incredible.  I know the gospel is the most powerful force in the world and it truly changes people.  It is so important to also realize how much we need each other.  We are not meant to be alone.  We need each other.

I need you.


PS.  I am willing to do your taxes, but Ill have you know I was a very great baby to hold.

ARIEL WITH HIS EVER COOL Im Eggscellent hat hahahahah CAPO with the sister missionaries in our ward!

Monday, November 13, 2017


We all have gifts that make us part of the great team of humanity.  It's truly wonderful to see, and here in the mission, we have the opportunity to see the reality of that statement through our companions.  For example, my companion right now, Elder McKeachnie, is a hard worker who is insanely driven on missionary work.  His companion before me also had some gifts.  He had a wonderful gift of talking to everyone and finding people who need to hear the gospel.  I have a wonderful gift of being excited about the gospel, and being able to make other people excited about it.  I also have worked hard to have the gift of love, something which I pray to strengthen. 


So the beautiful thing is that the missionary who was here was super great at finding people to teach, now I come, and I help welcome them in and feel driven. 


Also this week, it is always a miracle to be in a new ward, to get to meet new people and meet new families.  And one thing really special, is that we have a large interaction with families who have been working hard to be a eternal family, and also families who love each other and want more.  I cannot explain what its like to share a few minutes in the house of a family who is based on the gospel.  They are very special and to me, it makes me want to have a family very much. 

Families are basically always the same, they all have the same problems and rough spots, but there is something special about a family sealed in the temple with hopes and dreams of having an eternal family...or an eternal perspective.  When looked at with an eternal perspective, the most important things really only matter.  Which more than anything is love. 

We all have are gifts.  We need each other and their special gifts. 




Tuesday, November 7, 2017


I just got transferred from Barrio Amppya in San Luis, to Albardón in San Juan... Which means I got transferred to a new providence of Argentina!  It's super pretty here, and the ward I am in is huge and has a ton of work to be done.

My old companion, Elder Starley, just received two companions, and the members were saying "Elder Amann is so good they had to have 2 elders replace him" ha!  I know it's not true because the two elders coming are TWO of my old companions, Elders Harrison and Hoagland!  Who taught me a lot of what I know!  So 3 of my old companions are now together in my old area!  

Albardón is an area FILLED with vineyards and I am very excited because grape season is coming soon... It is absolutely gorgeous here, and I will be sure to upload more pictures next week.

My last week in AMPPYA we worked like crazy to try and get a few members to come to church who hadn't been in months or even a year!  They all came!  and more!  We did a lot of service this week and even got to help out a race.  

Anyway, it's really tough leaving an area, because I always get really attached to the people.  It's a pretty short time we share together but nevertheless, I feel like I've known them my whole life.  I will miss them a ton, and am super glad I got to be an example for them, because they all were for me.

My new companion is from Vernal, Utah, and he said in the average day he sees more animals than people.  HA!  I love it.  Elder McKeachnie and I are about to put in some SERIOUS work out here in the vineyard.


As far as a message goes, I want the whole world to ask itself if Jesus really rose from the grave?  Because if He did, this means all of Christianity is true.  It means the Book of Mormon is true.  It means Christ was not merely a man, nor a prophet.  So if you want to know what the deal is with why Jesus has been so important, ask yourself that question.  Did Jesus really arise from being dead?




a few members of my Amppya family:

The missionaries from San Luis waving good bye ♥


Hat guy on the ride over here:

Monday, October 23, 2017

Heaven is Other People

This idea is not mine, but Him who sent me.

Love is supposed to be a complete union of two lives.  It is supposed to be a complete union of desires, priorities, and actions.  The act of love is supposed to be a symbol of this complete union between two people.

The relationship between us and other people is fascinating.  

Today I use a talk from Kevin Worthen:

Now I am fully aware that there are times when we want to be by ourselves; when we have to get away from others; when our roommates, classmates, brothers and sisters, and others just drive us crazy. All of us can relate, at one time or another, to the character in Jean Paul Sartre's play No Exit when he observed that "hell is other people." But in the long run, the converse is also true—heaven is other people. Heaven will be heaven because of the other people who will be there. And experiencing heaven on earth will ultimately depend, to a large degree, on the quality of our relationships with others.

Very little that is positive is solitary. When was the last time you laughed uproariously? The last time you felt indescribable joy? The last time you sensed profound meaning and purpose? The last time you felt enormously proud of an accomplishment? Even without knowing the particulars of these high points of your life, I know their form: all of them took place around other people.

Think about it. Whenever we ­experience something truly good in our lives, that feeling is enhanced when we share it with ­others—either in the very moment or at some future time. That is a universal truth. When Lehi partook of the fruit of the tree of life and found that "it filled [his] soul with exceedingly great joy," his first desire was "that [his] family should partake of it also." Lehi understood implicitly that he could not experience a fulness of joy by himself. His happiness could not be complete unless he could somehow share it with those he loved.

Heaven will be heaven because of the people who are there.  Thats what I learned this week.  Take such good care of those around you.  Thats how you will feel heaven here on earth.  

Ive felt this slice of what it will be like.


Monday, October 16, 2017


I am a huge fan of Spiderman and I've always thought about Uncle Ben´s famous last quote to Peter Parker.... "With great Power comes great Responsibility."

Well, I guess Ben is correct here, but, I think the other way around is even more true.


YOU ARE IN CHARGE OF YOUR LIFE.  Don't blame other people and let them take that from you. 

If you make yourself personally responsible for everything that happens around you... Your love life, your job, your success, you will be in control.

You will have your free agency, and even if you make a few mistakes, you will become better and happier.  

I highly recommend this talk by Lynn Robbins:

In it he tells a story of a part of a company that was doing a poor job.  They kept doing poorly and were blaming everyone but themselves until their boss got fed up.  He told them they needed to be 100% percent responsible in order to receive their raise.  This meant making phone calls to ensure other parts of the process were doing their job.  And what resulted was something amazing... They took 100% responsibility and the company as a whole benefited.

We have 100% control over our lives, our loves, our anger.... Do not give anyone a part of your agency by not forgiving.



Monday, October 9, 2017


Last week during General Conference, we heard how a little girl followed up on the Prophet´s challenge to learn "The Living Christ" by memorizing it. 

I took that challenge and I highly recommend you do too.  Above is my version... take it easy on me, I tried doing it in less than a week.  I will continue to perfect it.




Monday, October 2, 2017

My FAVORITE place in Utah

 I said goodbye to my friend Elder Christensen

My very best friend, Sophie, goes to the MTC next week, and to get her excited, I wanted to write a little about arguably my favorite place in Utah.

The MTC is the greatest place in Utah because it represents something HUGE.

The MTC IS a school.  But it is the greatest school. I mean this. I am going to explain by relating the MTC to traditional school.

The MTC is a center that teaches its students the language of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the purpose of bettering the world.  

The students going to the MTC are not there to gain great jobs.  They are not there to gain any money.  They are there because they want to better the world, and follow Jesus.

The MTC is a short term training center that BELIEVES IN THE FUTURE.  They take any student and believe they will be great.  The goal is not to weed out the weak, but to uplift all.  And the goal is to get them out in the world as quickly as possible, instead of  semesters of textbook training, they believe in the reality of training experience, after missionaries leave.

All students who come to the MTC are equally great, though they are made better by their choices... which is what a school should do.

Using a quote from Saturday's General Conference Session;

President Uchtdorf stated that ,"blessings are based more on choices than on ability."

This is a HUGE truth.  And the thing about traditional school, is that a lot of times, success is based on ABILITY.  I have seen kids roll out of bed late, without breakfast, WITHOUT STUDYING, ace tests, scholarly exams, etc. while other kids, who make choices to study, and study hard, still score less, or achieve less "success."  

But by changing the end goal, the MTC makes all its students better than who they were.  It does not divide students, but it brings them together.  I have felt a stronger sense of unity and almighty force there, then I have ever felt.  I have felt more hope for our future, for my generation, then I have ever felt before just by walking its halls.  

The MTC is the greatest school because it is removed from this world.  Its purpose does not have anything to do with this world.  It only has to do with greater, higher things.  It's on another level than any college.

I leave you with a quote from C.S. Lewis.
It is a serious thing to live in a society of possible gods and goddesses, to remember that the dullest and most uninteresting person you can talk to may one day be a creature which, if you saw it now, you would be strongly tempted to worship. . . . There are no ordinary people. You have never talked to a mere mortal. . . . It is immortals whom we joke with, work with, marry, snub, and exploit.

I love the MTC and it is God´s training institution.

Sophie, I am so happy for you.  








Tuesday, September 26, 2017


As the church of Jesus Christ, we have received revelation concerning the substances we should and should not put in our bodies called the Word of Wisdom.  

It was made, as revelation from God, in 1833.  It stated that we should NOT smoke.

Since then, the world has seen a huge incline and then decline in smoking usage.

It was once good and fun to smoke.  We now know what the prophets knew in 1833.  

A great talk from Elder Cook:

The Word of Wisdom revelation was received in 1833. In 1921 President Heber J. Grant, inspired by the Lord, called on all Saints to more fully live the Word of Wisdom. At the time, mass marketing and glamorization in the movies made cigarette smoking appear fashionable, sophisticated, and fun. It wasn't until 1964, forty-three years later, that the surgeon general of the United States concluded, "Cigarette smoking is a health hazard of sufficient importance in the United States to warrant appropriate remedial action."

The statistics today with respect to cigarette smoking are not in dispute. Smokers are more likely than nonsmokers to develop heart disease, stroke, and lung cancer. It is estimated to increase the risk of lung cancer by twenty-five times.

So what the adversary portrayed as fashionable, sophisticated, and fun has in fact resulted in misery and untimely death for millions of people.

Over many years I have followed a research project that commenced in the 1940s. Initially there were 268 men attending Harvard University who were periodically studied over their entire lives. Later, others, including women, became part of the study. The goal of the original study was to find out about success and happiness. The study showed that college entrance scores and grade averages did not predict either success or ­happiness in later life.

This study contains three significant insights for me. First, adult happiness has a high correlation with childhood family happiness, especially love and affection from parents. Second is the importance of a healthy, stable marriage to lifelong happiness. Third is the negative effects of alcohol on marital and lifetime success and happiness. Alcohol abuse touches one-third of families and is involved in one-fourth of hospital admissions. It plays a major role in death, bad health, and ­diminished accomplishment.

In "Wine, Women and Danger," a recent Washington Post front-page article based on U.S. federal health data, it was reported that "women in America are drinking far more, and far more frequently, than their mothers or grandmothers did, and alcohol consumption is killing them in record numbers." The article concluded with comments by Robert D. Brewer that "the current and emerging science does not support the purported benefits of moderate drinking" and that "the risk of death from cancer appears to go up with any level of alcohol consumption."

In the last two or three years, many universities across the world have been trying to diminish alcohol use because of its connection to serious antisocial behaviors, including sexual assault and serious health concerns, especially from binge drinking. The terrible impact of alcohol on young brains is now medically established.

We need to give heed to the prophets.  

Listen to General Conference this weekend.  Pray beforehand with a question. Know God is working hard and what he wants you to hear will be said during conference.




A sweet water fall in a place called the Jewel

AND OUR DAY AT SCHOOL!!! We taught 5th graders about the USA and about the importance of taking care of our bodies! 

Monday, September 18, 2017

Curiosity and a poem

Last week I read a children´s story about a little boy who´s friend shows him an inappropriate photo on his phone.

        This week a friend showed me something inappropriate on her phone.  She showed me a song that a clasemate sent her.  It was easily the most destructive, direct from satan song Ive EVER heard.    It immediately sucked it all out of me. 

 ..But she kinda liked it.  Of course she did... maybe it seems silly to talk about the devil like this, but he is real, and he uses attractive things.. Things that gnaw at us, things that make us curious, things that make us look for more when no one is around.

       And although I immediately deleted it, I saw the name of it, and something has keeping it in my brain too, been pushing me to look it up when I got to a computer... Or in other words... right now.  Its been gnawing at me... Ive been so curious. 

But what good would that serve?

 Its been bad enough knowing that this song exists... its hurt me enough already..  

So I´m not going to look it up, despite the curiosity.  I´m not used to denying curiosity so firmly, but I now understand.  I write this letter to help instill the same thing the Liahona instilled in me.  To REJECT the adversary as soon as he wiggles his way into your ears, and to tell someone.  Especially parents.

Satan uses attractive things.  He knows what makes us curious, what makes us want to discover more when no one is looking.  Music is so very special to me, and for satan to use it makes me so sad.  His attack on young adults is insane.  He uses pretty things, a special formula of opposites, a fake sanitized by chemicals clean, instead of the full fire cleansing that God offers us.

God gives us help, he gives us families.  We must stay with them, we must work together.  We must do everything we can to not be alone.  Because we are never alone, though the adversary will do everything to make us think so.

heres a poem

I preach peace,
but I am not a pacifist.
Because we are at war,
We are on the front lines
and he is hurting 
the ones I love.
I preach peace,
but I cannot be a pacifist.


Elder Amann



photos of a very beautiful baptism that was held in La Punta by my good friend ELDER MENDONÇA

Monday, September 11, 2017



This comes from a talk by Neil A. Maxwell:  Meeting the Challenges of Today, and Becometh as a Child

Although I am far away, I have become aware of the various natural disasters that are affecting all over the world.  These events are horrible and the people affected need our love and our prayers.

I am reminded of a talk by Neil A Maxwell, about the confusion of the world.  He write many wonderful things about how we need to rely on God.

First, brothers and sisters, some brief samples illustrating the challenge of making our way through today’s Sinai of secularism, and then a focus on how inspired children help in that trek.

All about us we see the bitter and abundant harvest from permissiveness. A perceptive person has acknowledged: “The struggle to live ethically without God has left us not with the just and moral order we imagined but with disorder and confusion.

“Something has gone radically wrong with secularism. The problem has more than its share of irony, for secularism, in the end, has converted itself into a kind of religion. …

“… Now the transition is complete: the state has become the church” (Peter Marin, “Secularism’s Blind Faith,” Harper’s Magazine, Sept. 1995, 20).

The more what is politically correct seeks to replace what God has declared correct, the more ineffective approaches to human problems there will be, all reminding us of C. S. Lewis’s metaphor about those who run around with fire extinguishers in times of flood.

The more ineffective approaches to human problems there will be.

I love this metaphor of people running around with fire extinguishers in times of flood.  We need to remember this metaphor as people are suffering in various parts of the world.

We need to remember what effective approaches will be.  We need to constantly remember what saves people, where they are home, where and how they feel love.

We need to remember the children, who seemingly are closer.

Benjamin Ballam is the special spina bifida child of Michael and Laurie Ballam. He has been such a blessing to them and many others. Also spiritually precocious, Benjamin is a constant source of love and reassurance. Having had 17 surgeries, resilient Benjamin knows all about hospitals and doctors. Once, when an overwhelmed attendant became vocally upset—not at Benjamin, but over stressful circumstances—little three-year-old Benjamin exemplified the words of another Benjamin about our need to be childlike and “full of love” (Mosiah 3:19). Little Benjamin reached out, tenderly patted the irritated attendant, and said, “I love you anyway.” A similar episode occurred recently in an Israeli hospital, where little Benjamin, going through a necessary but very painful procedure, used the same loving words to reassure a physician. No wonder, brothers and sisters, in certain moments we feel children are our spiritual superiors.
Brothers and sisters, no wonder the divine direction is for each of us to “becometh as a child” (Mosiah 3:19). 

Please put down your fire extinguishers and pull out the buckets.  We´ve got a lot of work to do.  But the good news is, we´ve got ALL the solutions.  Or rather, We´ve got faith in God, a faith that moves mountains and isnt detained by mortal death.




My (now famous) Banana bread

Cute dog on my lap

 as we went back to Mendoza to get Elder Starley official in Argentina!

Hearts and Love and . . .