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Tuesday, August 15, 2017


SO I just got transferred from the greatest area of the mission, LA FAVORITA ...

to the new greatest area of the mission... Ampyyra in Villa Mercedes in San Luis.  I got transferred out of Mendoza! 

I'm going to miss La Favorita like crazy.  I learned about myself, about real priorities, about what I want to do in life (help others), and about LOVE.

I am an old pro in the mission now, and I feel great.  Being able to talk to people, make phone calls, etc... really progresses the work.  

And I don't care bout all the diamond rings
They don't mean a thing
All these fancy things

Family Business:

Probably the most important thing I learned from being in La Favorita, is the importance of families.  There are a lot of broken homes in La Favorita.  A lot of people that are torn and sad because of their families.  A lot of forgiveness is needed. But besides all the hardship families have, pretty much everyone in La Favorita says, without a doubt, the most important thing on earth is family.  They have fought and find love in their families.  Families truly are everything, even when broken and seemingly lost...They are still the best gift God gives us.

Everybody´s somebody´s everything.  

"I wish today to speak of forgiveness. I think it may be the greatest virtue on earth, and certainly the most needed. There is so much of meanness and abuse, of intolerance and hatred. There is so great a need for repentance and forgiveness. It is the great principle emphasized in all of scripture, both ancient and modern." - President Hinckley

See you next week from BEAUTIFUL SAN LUIS


A few pictures of baby bunnies and people I love with my whole heart


Monday, August 7, 2017


We have a prophet. He talks to God and he loves us.

I listened to a talk of his, called See Others as they May Become. 

During the 1940s and 1950s, an American prison warden, Clinton Duffy, was well known for his efforts to rehabilitate the men in his prison. Said one critic, "You should know that leopards don't change their spots!"
Replied Warden Duffy, "You should know I don't work with leopards. I work with men, and men change every day."

I know people change.  It is so important to realize that YOU change EVERYDAY and that ANY ONE CAN.

 I know miracles exist. 

Rabbi Ronnie Cahana had a stroke affecting his brain stem in 2011. The effect of the stroke was slow enough that he was aware as his body gradually became paralyzed, starting from his legs and traveling up to just below his eyes. The condition is known as locked-in syndrome. Family and friends learned to communicate by saying the alphabet and then having him blink when they got to the right letter, thereby spelling out any message.
Rabbi Cahana's reaction to this experience was incredible. He spent hours pondering the beauty of God and life, wondering that he could experience such an exceptional state. He said that at night his mind would soar and he would be in motion, "swirling and twirling" above the ground. By blinking his eyes he wrote letters and sermons sharing his experience. He declared, "I want you to know that this too, is healige (holy in Yiddish). I am in a broken place, but there is holy work to be done." His willingness to search for truths in this trial helped him to transcend his misery.
In a TEDMED talk his daughter said that the family cocooned him in love. He imagined moving his fingers while his loving family physically moved them in therapy. And then his body rekindled. Slowly he began to feel electrical sensations in his arms. He eventually regained enough feeling to be able to breathe on his own and then to talk with his own voice. Every day he witnessed another miracle. His body developed like a baby's, but he observed it with all the experience of a fifty-seven-year-old mind and felt wonder and gratitude. He used his new understanding of truth to grow and was, remarkably, not afraid. The truth had set him free.

 I love this life.

Please squeeze the ones you love.  Cocoon them in love.



I started painting on rocks and leaving them around town!

Monday, July 31, 2017


We should begin by recognizing the reality that just because something is good is not a sufficient reason for doing it. The number of good things we can do far exceeds the time available to accomplish them. Some things are better than good, and these are the things that should command priority attention in our lives.   - Dallin H. Oaks

I hope you all take the time to analize and question what is most important in your lives.

This week I read one of my favorite talks on DESIRE.  Our desires shape us hugely, and its very important to know what we REALLY want... to give our lives direction, and to cut out the stuff thats just "good" and replace it with the grea:   

have chosen to talk about the importance of desire. I hope each of us will search our hearts to determine what we really desire and how we rank our most important desires.
Desires dictate our priorities, priorities shape our choices, and choices determine our actions. The desires we act on determine our changing, our achieving, and our becoming.  - Dallin H. Oaks


We should remember that righteous desires cannot be superficial, impulsive, or temporary. They must be heartfelt, unwavering, and permanent. So motivated, we will seek for that condition described by the Prophet Joseph Smith, where we have "overcome the evils of [our lives] and lost every desire for sin."5 That is very personal decision. As Elder Neal A. Maxwell said:
"When people are described as 'having lost their desire for sin,' it is they, and they only, who deliberately decided to lose those wrong desires by being willing to 'give away all [their] sins' in order to know God."
"Therefore, what we insistently desire, over time, is what we will eventually become and what we will receive in eternity."6
As important as it is to lose every desire for sin, eternal life requires more. To achieve our eternal destiny, we will desire and work for the qualities required to become an eternal being. For example, eternal beings forgive all who have wronged them. They put the welfare of others ahead of themselves. And they love all of God's children. If this seems too difficult—and surely it is not easy for any of us—then we should begin with desire for such qualities and call upon our loving Heavenly Father for help with our feelings. The Book of Mormon teaches us that we should "pray unto the Father with all the energy of heart, that [we] may be filled with this love, which he hath bestowed upon all who are true followers of his Son, Jesus Christ" (Moroni 7:48).
close with final example of desire that should be paramount for all men and women—those who are currently married and those who are single. All should desire and seriously work to secure marriage for eternity. Those who already have temple marriage should do all they can to preserve it. Those who are single should desire temple marriage and exert priority efforts to obtain it. Youth and young singles should resist the politically correct but eternally false concept that discredits the importance of marrying and having children.7

actually just read the whole talk...

This talk is responsible for helping me focus less on people, and more on BUILDING FAMILIES.


FAMILIES ARE OF GOD... Eternal families are my priority.



heres a picture of my seminary class with ELDER BEDNAR

Monday, July 24, 2017



Exactly a year ago I ran a marathon.  Heres a tip... dont run marathons. I think im still in pain.  ;)

I have been learning about freedom, liberty, and what they really mean. And to me, to be free, means to be free from onesself.  Im talking about SELF MASTERY.

Theres an awesome MLK, JR quote from his "I Have a Dream" speech:

"We must not seek to satisfy our thirst for freedom, by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred."

At this part in his I Have a Dream speech, MLK is talking about not rioting, not playing dirty to win their freedom.  Sure it would be pleasurable to FIGHT and burn buildings and fight for black freedom with all the power of earth and hell... But it was very important to MLK to fight for freedom 

by using what he called "SOUL FORCE"

 "Again and again we must rise to the majestic heights of meeting physical force with soul force." 

"It would be easier to exercise self-mastery in the face of sin if the bad effects of sin were instantaneous. But they are not. Further, it is an illusion that sin always appears to the mind to be ugly, vile, and repulsive. Consider this insight from Elder Spencer W. Kimball:"

"Whoever said that sin was not fun? Whoever claimed that Lucifer was not handsome, persuasive, easy, friendly? Sin is attractive and desirable. Transgression wears elegant gowns and sparkling apparel. It is highly perfumed; it has attractive features, a soft voice. It is found in educated circles and sophisticated groups. It provides sweet and comfortable luxuries. Sin is easy and has a big company of pleasant companions. It promises immunity from restrictions, temporary freedoms.
"It can momentarily satisfy hunger, thirst, desire, urges, passions, wants without immediately paying the price. But, it begins tiny and grows to monumental proportions—drop by drop, inch by inch." 

These are the PHYSICAL forces that our enemies use to try to tear us down... By promising attractiveness and fun.    

But we must NOT seek to satisfy our THRIST FOR FREEDOM by drinking from the cup of bitterness and pleasure.  

WE MUST USE SOUL FORCE.  We cannot overcome things of this world by using things of this world.  We must use spiritual force....the only indestructable force.  The force that has the power to shake earth and hell and the force that is a GOD GIVEN FLAME inside each and EVERYONE OF HIS BELOVED CHILDREN.

We are all blessed with the flame of soul force from our Heavenly Father... but you must feed it.

let it grow.  let it grow outward, outside of you until others can feel it.


I leave you my testimony that I know sin is fun

But there is nothing that will fill your soul, nothing that will enrich your life, nothing that will grow from the inside of your very soul to something bigger than you, soul force.  

We must build our spirit.  

Feed it with scriptures, feed it with prayer. 

and I promise, you will feel a new power.  This is the greatest thing. And it comes from Christ.




Monday, July 17, 2017


Let me tell you about the Argentine people.

I love them.  

So it snowed yesterday.  And it snowed a lot.  It hasn't snowed like this in 7 years.  Maybe a little frost, but not like this. 

And so we went to church, and had a great time, learned about Faith, and partook of the Sacrament.

When we were going back to work afterwords, passing cars in the bus, about every 4th car had a snowman on the top of it.

SNOWMEN ON CARS.  Click on any of these pictures to enlarge.

Apparently it is a thing here that WHEN it snows, you construct a little snowman on the front of your car.  And everyone just does it.  Ha!  How great is that?? It made me SO happy!! 


So here's some snow to help cool you off up there.  And a little Christmas miracle.  A very important family who is investigating the church, family Lucero, wanted to come to church.  Specifically the mom.  But because of her husband needing to work, she wouldn't be able to go.  So she prayed Saturday night for snow so she could go.  You must know Saturday was warm and sunny.

and Sunday it snowed.  For the first time in 7 years.   Please pray for them, they are so close to this wonderful thing.


I want to speak on the importance of change.


And when everyone talks about changing on the mission, I guess Ive figured it out.  The way to change is to do what others want instead of what you want.  Even if it means doing something in a way that's hard for you.  There are missionaries who don't change on their mission, and it is very sad for me.  



Cerro Arco (con perro)




Monday, July 10, 2017

Brother Newbold

I was just about to go to bed last night when I started thinking about a good friend of mine!

Bruce Newbold!  He passed away around a year ago, but I know he´s doing great!  All growing up, when we would get to church, he´d be the one welcoming us in the doors, warming us with his smile, no matter how late we got to church.

He would always ask how my dad was doing, and to tell him that he´s loved.  I knew just by hearing the way he asked about my dad, it was very obvious that Brother Newbold actually cared about him.  

Brother Newbold is a great example of love to me, and I hope to be more like him!  I was one of his last home teachers before he passed away, and it was such a great honor to get to know him more.

Brother Newbold is the type of guy that nobody could say a bad word about because he was just so filled with love.  Getting to see him at church in his favorite tie, a tie that was drawn on by his grandkids, is something that made me realize what the important things in life are.  

I somehow know he's looking out for me in heaven, and even though it might be awhile, I know he's going to be one of the first people to welcome me!  

Although it's sad for me that he is no longer here, I feel ok, because I know he used his time here to love and bring others closer to Christ-like love.

I know death is just another step... It's part of God's plan.  And when you know this, it takes the sting away.  The only death that isn't part of God's plan is spiritual death, or when we distance our spirits from Him and love.  But we can always come home.

All the conflict we have with one another seems kind of silly, doesn't it?  Our time here is too short for it.


If someone could send me a picture of Brother Newbold, and tell his family they are in my prayers, that would be greatly appreciated!


Kickin it at Cerro de la Gloria with PRESIDENT PANZZACHI

Freedom Kevin !

and the only thing that helps the cold is dreamin about ski season!  IT'S FREEZING HERE BRRRR

Monday, July 3, 2017

Golden State vs. The Church of Jesus Christ

Trying to support my GF and her Swedish Mission from way down south in Argentina

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is a lot like the Golden State Warriors.

I have been noticing a huge trend among people in relationship to the church.

I want to draw a comparison between Golden State and The Church of Jesus Christ.  There are a LOT of Golden State fans, who believe Golden State is the best basketball team.  (Although I'm not a Golden State fan, I cannot deny.) Golden State is the greatest basketball team in the league.  This is an undeniable fact.  

Even if you don't like the Warriors, they are (in 2017) the greatest.

And even if you don't like the Church.  It is true.  The Book of Mormon is true.  A LOT of people know this.  But they don't use it.  They don't come to church.  Don't EXPERIENCE MIRACLES.

Because of Golden States undeniable greatness, there are a lot of people who recognize that Golden State is number one.  

But they don't benefit from it.  But I can promise you, no one knows of Golden State´s greatest like the players themselves.  They feel it.  It is part of them.  They know how hard they worked.  They know how they work together, how they are family, how they are not just a team... They feel like they are the greatest compilation of players to ever hit the league.

They feel a spirit from it.

And I testify that when you feel a spirit of the Truthfulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, it's not just your favorite team.  It's not just "true."

You feel a spirit from it.

This is what I invite everyone to have.  To BE PART OF THE TEAM.  To know MIRACLES EXIST.  To feel it in every ounce of your bones, NOT ONLY IS IT TRUE.... 


I pray you work for it.  It will always pay off.


Our new presidente, Presidente Panzacchi and Sister Panzacchi

And we lost a soccer ball on a huge lake. hahah

Monday, June 26, 2017

Dont Be Offended!

Heres a great talk I loved this week!

When we believe or say we have been offended, we usually mean we feel insulted, mistreated, snubbed, or disrespected. And certainly clumsy, embarrassing, unprincipled, and mean-spirited things do occur in our interactions with other people that would allow us to take offense. However, it ultimately is impossible for another person to offend you or to offend me. Indeed, believing that another person offended us is fundamentally false. To be offended is a choice we make; it is not a condition inflicted or imposed upon us by someone or something else.
In the grand division of all of God's creations, there are things to act and things to be acted upon (see 2 Nephi 2:13–14). As sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father, we have been blessed with the gift of moral agency, the capacity for independent action and choice. Endowed with agency, you and I are agents, and we primarily are to act and not just be acted upon. To believe that someone or something can make us feel offended, angry, hurt, or bitter diminishes our moral agency and transforms us into objects to be acted upon. As agents, however, you and I have the power to act and to choose how we will respond to an offensive or hurtful situation.



Monday, June 19, 2017


Wow, I dont have much to say this week....

But my best friend is going to SWEDEN STOLKHOM on her MISSION!!!

I am so so proud of Sophie Beck, and even though its super scary to go on a mission, I know she has a ton of support!  

I got a new companion, Elder Hoagland, and we´re the first North American companionship in La Favorita in over a year, we´re just trying not to freeze to death!  Because its getting COLD.  Hope youre enjoying the heat up North for me! 




Monday, June 12, 2017


When something is not the way you think it should be, and you act negatively against this person, this is called bullying.

Even if you don't think you are being mean, the other person can be hurt.

I want to take a stand against bullying by being more patient and more understanding with people who aren't the same as me.  

I have a lot of good friends here who are still in school, kids 15 years old, and to see the kind of bullying they put up with is VERY heart breaking.  No kid should have to deal with bullying, though I have never met someone that went to high school that will say they were never bullied.  Bullying is far too easy.  It's far too easy to make fun of someone who is different than you.  But the consequences can be horrible.  

It's something I have done, but its something I want to stop doing.  If I have bullied you, I am sorry, and I am trying.

Bullying can and especially happens in families.  This might be the worst kind:(  Families are meant to be a force that we have to fight against the outside evil, a safe place we can go, feel comfortable to be ourselves.  I encourage you to always remember that a family is made up of different people, and forgiveness is required. 

There is a HUGE culture going on that is bullying teen girls and boys.  They are bullied by the things on TV and in music culture and they are bullied into thinking that they are not ok.  That they need to change.  They need to be sexy, or have lots of friends, or do drugs.  And this is heart breaking because when they cant be sexy, or dont fit the picture, they get distracted from more important things :(  

Support everyone.  In order to stop bullying, we must do the opposite.  We must complement others, and tell them they are examples to us for being different.  If we know something is wrong, we must turn the other cheek and see their potencial.  The answer to bullying is not bullying.  It's love. 

I know that this is what The Church of Jesus Christ teaches.  


S/O Elder Mendonca for being a wonderful friend and my best companion yet!

He goes off to San Luis this week, and I get Elder Hogland in LA FAVORITA! 

Elder Agyin and Hermana Murphy go home this week because they finished their missions! I have so much respect for them, they are great heroes, and great kids trying to find the way to make the world a better place.

We went to the university

 and saw DINOSAURS and the MICHELANGELO'S CREATION OF ADAM (seen through the dinosaurs):

Monday, June 5, 2017



Mis queridos Hermanos,

Today I want to talk about something very dear to most Mormons:  our "standards"...

We live by standards defined by God.  Standards are what the 10 commandments are, and they help us from harming others and to better ourselves.  

But you don't need to be Mormon to choose not to smoke or swear.  So to me, it's really interesting to see why people choose not to do things.  Maybe they've seen rough things in their past that have made them choose not to drink.  Maybe they just don't want to drink because they don't like the taste.  But the reason why someone doesn't want to do something DOESN'T MATTER.  If someone doesn't want to swear, respect that! and try not to swear around them!  If someone wants to swear, that's fine too! and try not to let it bother you, and if it does, just go somewhere else.  

I live by something that I call standards, or rules.  I have made rules for myself to keep myself the way I want to be.  I have made rules not to do certain things, and by not doing these things, I feel personal strength.  I feel more in control.  And you can too!  

But more than anything ... I keep the standards we have been given by prophets because I know they help us love more.  Every rule I have set for myself has helped me love more, and I can PROMISE you that the rules set by prophets will help you love more.  Sometimes we don't understand how personal rules can help us love, but that's why we need to experiment.

Standards help me love by helping me know that I stand for something different.  I stand for peace, and not for war.  I stand for family love, and not gang murder (which is alive and well in all of the world, including Argentina).

But it's important in our age to remember that no means no.  If I don't want to drink, I'm not going to.  And I'm going to do everything in my power to keep myself from doing so.

What helps me keep rules and standards is by deciding now.

"Jesus the Christ, who knew perfectly how to give, set for us the pattern for giving."

"To those whose hearts are heavy with loneliness and sorrow, He brings compassion and comfort.
To those whose bodies and minds are afflicted with illness and suffering, He brings love and healing.
To those whose souls are burdened with sin, He offers hope, forgiveness, and redemption.
If the Savior were among us today, we would find Him where He always was—ministering to the meek, the downcast, the humble, the distressed, and the poor in spirit."  - President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

I have learned a special secret about how to love everyone.  We must look at them and see their potential.  This is how Christ looks at us.  This is how He saw his apostles, and this is how He saw sinners.  He saw their grand potential.  

I know it starts at standards.







Monday, May 29, 2017


Dang that's a handsome missionary!

> On May 29, 2017, at 09:26, Grant Amann <> wrote:
> This week we met some wonderful missionaries who arent Mormon! They are
> going all around the world, Asia, Africa, South America, helping and
> learning! They are building houses and helping people worship and its
> really great!
> But that being said... I still glad Im a Mormon missionary. Because theres
> something Ive noticed during my time here, and that is that the difference
> between helping people with temporal matters
> and helping them with spiritual/eternal matters.
> And the focus of Mormon missionaries is to help people with Spiritual
> matters. These are matters such as family relationships, helping them
> answer big questions, helping give dirrection to the lost, helping LOVE.
> There is a question I like to ask myself when I have to make decisions, and
> its "Will it matter in 1,000 years?" and if it doesnt matter, I dont want
> to do it. Spiritual matters will matter in 1,000 years.
> Helping build houses is great. We do this every saturday. But a house
> honestly will not provide the warmth and help that a testimony will. So we
> build testimonies. We build "spiritual houses."
> This is not to say that other missionaries dont.... its just that its
> something that I really love.
> I want to leave you with the words of Dieter F Uchtdorf, a modern day
> prophet. These are the words that confirm to me that he and the prophet
> are the authorities of the Church of Jesus Christ. (Fill the World with
> Christ's Love - Dec. 2014 Liahona)
> Jesus Christ taught us how to love. So I want to follow Him.
> "Jesus the Christ, who knew perfectly how to give, set for us the pattern
>> for giving.
>> "To those whose *hearts are heavy with loneliness and sorrow*, He brings *compassion
>> and comfort*.
> To those whose *bodies and minds are afflicted with illness and suffering*,
>> He brings *love and healing. *
> To those whose *souls are burdened with sin*, He offers *hope, forgiveness
>> <>, and redemption.*
>> "If the Savior were among us today, we would find Him where He always
>> was—ministering to the meek, the downcast, the humble, the distressed, and
>> the poor in spirit." - President Dieter F. Uchtdorf
> I love this church, I love this mission, I love Mendoza Argentina, and I am
> a follower of Jesus Christ.
> We went to Cerro de la Gloria this week, which is a national Argentine
> monument thats on the 5 peso bill, and IN MY AREA!
> <P1270723.JPG>
> <P1270726.JPG>
> <P1270721.JPG>