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Monday, October 3, 2016


We got a new house this week!  Anway, I dont have too much spiritual stuff to write this week, because it was all said this week at General Conference! Go listen to it if you can!  I loved Hales, Cornish, Uceda (He came to the MTC and I shook his hand!) and D. Todd Christofferson, who served in Argentina on his mission!

Played soccer, and I am glad I can understand their favorite sport.  I even scored.
Tuesday: I had lunch with this old member couple in the ward, family Celoni! They are way cute and remind me that the church is the same everywhere!

Wednesday: Some guy started talking to us, he knew of the Church and said his name was Joseph... But not Joseph Smith! ha! and then he proceeded to say I looked like Joseph Smith! YES!

We got a new House today! We moved it and its super big and we are making it our own! Check the photos of it being new!