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Monday, May 21, 2018


Here are the best things you can do to better help us as missionaries and your friends who need the gospel.

Lots of members don't realize how vital missionary work is to their own progression.
Bringing a friend to church helps you realize how important the gospel is, as well as how important the basics are! 
Here are 3 OF THE BEST things you can do for us missionaries!
1. Challenge yourself to say "that´s what I love about my church" at least twice a week with non-members.
2. Invite to church.  Invite, invite, invite.  Say things like "why don't you come with me to church this week, it´ll be fun!"
3. Invite non-members and the missionaries over at the same time. Quick story about this, we visited a SUPER awesome member this week just to see her and talk, and she pulls us in and says "Elders, I have someone coming over RIGHT NOW you have to talk to her!"  So within 2 seconds her friend, Eva, comes and we just talk for a minute and share a little about who we are and a quick prayer before leaving them to continue to do what they were going to do.  She told us about her faith in God and how she recovered fully from TUBERCULOSIS with only a half of one of her lungs. It was AWESOME! AND we have a date to meet back up this week!

Now these tips are for those who plan on serving missions:
The mission is divided into six week segments.  Six weeks is VERY little time.  Within that time, you have to find people to baptize, teach them, set everything up, meet with members, organize meetings and plan activities etc.
It especially flies when those six weeks are divided into only six Sundays (Sundays are the days where everything counts because of church.)
Six days is not even a week.
This is a huge testament to how little time we have here.
Yesterday we were reading in the Book of Mormon during church something that I liked a lot.
Alma 32
38 But if ye neglect the tree, and take no thought for its nourishment, behold it will not get any root; and when the heat of the sun cometh and scorcheth it, because it hath no root it withers away, and ye pluck it up and cast it out.

39 Now, this is not because the seed was not good, neither is it because the fruit thereof would not be desirable; but it is because your ground is barren, and ye will not nourish the tree, therefore ye cannot have the fruit thereof.

The seed would be a new investigator.  THEY ARE GOOD.  But if they cannot be planted in good dirt because there the earth needs nourishing before it can be planted, THAT IS WHAT YOU NEED TO DO.  It is the MOST effective use of resources and time.


This week we heard the last testimonies of eight POWERHOUSE missionaries.

It's a very sad thing.  But they moving on!

Mine´s coming soon too.  I love this place.  I know my Savior lives.  I know He loves me and you too.




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