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Monday, November 13, 2017


We all have gifts that make us part of the great team of humanity.  It's truly wonderful to see, and here in the mission, we have the opportunity to see the reality of that statement through our companions.  For example, my companion right now, Elder McKeachnie, is a hard worker who is insanely driven on missionary work.  His companion before me also had some gifts.  He had a wonderful gift of talking to everyone and finding people who need to hear the gospel.  I have a wonderful gift of being excited about the gospel, and being able to make other people excited about it.  I also have worked hard to have the gift of love, something which I pray to strengthen. 


So the beautiful thing is that the missionary who was here was super great at finding people to teach, now I come, and I help welcome them in and feel driven. 


Also this week, it is always a miracle to be in a new ward, to get to meet new people and meet new families.  And one thing really special, is that we have a large interaction with families who have been working hard to be a eternal family, and also families who love each other and want more.  I cannot explain what its like to share a few minutes in the house of a family who is based on the gospel.  They are very special and to me, it makes me want to have a family very much. 

Families are basically always the same, they all have the same problems and rough spots, but there is something special about a family sealed in the temple with hopes and dreams of having an eternal family...or an eternal perspective.  When looked at with an eternal perspective, the most important things really only matter.  Which more than anything is love. 

We all have are gifts.  We need each other and their special gifts.