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Tuesday, April 24, 2018


Leaving an area whomps.
I have been in Albardon, San Juan, Argentina for 6 months now.

Thats half a year.  And although I got to know so many, it still seems like so little time.

On I go to an area called Rodeo de La Cruz, with a good friend, Elder Richards.

This will probably be my last area.

These past few days I've run into a few friends! Elder Mendonca rode the bus next to me, and I saw Elder Starley going to my first area, MAIPU!

Anyway, I have learned a lot in these past six months.  I have learned a lot about being a leader and the organization of the church.

I have also learned a lot about being a friend and a lot about my Savior.

This Past week we had a big meeting with Presidente Teixeira, who is President of the Area Sur America Sur.

He was so fantastic.  I had prayed the week leading up to it so that I would be in sync with what he would talk about in my studies, and everything I had studied the past week HE TALKED ABOUT! 

It was great to have direction and feel the spirit.  His wife talked for a very long time too, she is from Africa, but they live in Portugal, and she doesn't speak Spanish, and speaks some English so she spoke to us in English.  She was so fantastic!  Wow! What an example of our potential.  She and her husband were so cute and the example of the love that exists in a couple striving to follow God´s plan together.

Anyway, she shared something I wanted to share with you all.  4 Ways to Overcome Fear:
1. Increase faith.  Do things that Require faith. It's different for everyone.
2. Love.  When you love someone enough, you overcome fear.
3. Knowledge.  We fear when we don't know.
4. Preparation. When we feel prepared, we don't fear.

I have been terrified of a lot of things lately, my new area, my future, etc... But I know I am constantly being guided.  It takes a lot of faith, but I am so excited for so many things to come.

On Sunday, Elder Saenz went home because he finished his mission.  It was so sad to see the missionaries ending their missions.  They are such great leaders to me.  After 2 years, you start to get better at saying goodbyes.  You start to realize that they will be with you in your heart and thoughts and that you will one day see them again.  But sometimes it's still sad to say goodbye.  Federico found out I was leaving and he suddenly got upset... telling me he´d miss me, and that I had made a positive influence in his life.  He told me never to forget him.  I promise, I never will.  He leaned over to me in sacrament and told me he wanted to go to the temple this year.. I couldn't be happier.  I´ll miss him a lot.  I also met one of my heroes, Victor Castillo, during my time in Albardón.  Although I had zero part in either of their baptisms, I know Heavenly Father worked through me.  I just had to be ready.  Saying goodbye stinks :(     I´ll miss this place a lot . . .

Anyway, time to go work some magic with Elder Richards in Rodeo de la Cruz.  I got a phone call from Presidente Panzacchi this morning telling me the area was difficult, but that he trusts me.  I love a little ward that needs a little help ♥ I AM SO EXCITED! 


gosh i miss you all so much.  Thank you for all you have taught me.


Elder Richards - my new Comp (from Arizona)

My new area (just kidding - that's San Juan)

My new place