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Monday, December 26, 2016

2017 is the BEST year YET

So the New Year is coming, so that means its time to make New Years RESOLUTIONS! And these are great because we have an opportunity to think about what we want to change in our lives.  And this is great because we all can be better!  New Years resolutions are kind of a joke, which is unfortunate, so heres a little help!

if youve always wanted to learn a language 2017 is THE BEST YEAR TO LEARN ONE.

If youve always wanted to learn an instrument, 2017 is THE BEST YEAR TO LEARN ONE.  (1836 was also a good year I hear) 

ha! Jokes aside, 2017 is going to be a great year! 

I can help a little on both those things, but for real, learn something new this year, or at least see if you like it! 

As with learning a language... WHAT A BLESSING IT IS.  It is extremely hard to learn a language, but from now on, Spanish will be like half of my life.  Thats HUGE. Communication is huge in this world, and I just like to remember all those who came to America on a dream, having to learn a language.  What courage! 

Review this past year, and make 2017 the best one yet! 

The key is to not only make ideas, for example, read more.  But to actually think of a time when you can read, for example, after dinner, and then just take it day by day!  And if you need help... ASK THE MISSIONARIES FOR ANYTHING!! or the library. Those are sweet too.


I realized that not everyone knows what a mission is like, especially in Argentina, so I wanted to start writing 2 things in my emails.  A rule of the mission, and something unique about Argentina!

1) We still work on P Days! Just at a little later time.
2) Argentine food is super basic, like just meat and potatoes, but also super delicious!  We have little bread rolls with pretty much every lunch.


John 15 :14-15 is my favorite scripture of this week! Its basically just Jesus talking about how we are his Friend! how cool is that! 

Elder Amann

We cooked empanadas, and beat Bobby Flay again!! (s/o Cody Reuschel)

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 19, 2016

¡Feliz Navidad!

Stop reading this and go spend time with your family.

Here. Read this with them: 

Luke 2:1-20
Matthew 1 &2.

Go find out why we celebrate His birth every year.

 Go love like Christ loves.

Please, go forgive someone even if you are right.  You owe it to yourself, and I promise, forgiving them will set you free.  


(Pics: Celebrating Christmas time with Belgas Waffles!)

Monday, December 12, 2016


SO we share this "Ilumina El Mundo" video with EVERYONE.  And about the 5th or 6th time I'm watching it, I realize that the background is STRANGLY familiar.  So familiar, that I am, in fact, positive that it was filmed at my alma matter, Skyline High School. Go EAGLES!! Missionaries ALL OVER THE WORLD are sharing this video, how cool is that?! Take that Olympus.  Just kidding, I actually have to share the love of Christ with everyone, and I'm in college... Still, Go Eagles.


Anyway, really great week this week! Everything is moving so fast, Ive been here for 3 months already! 

We had our Ward Christmas Party this week, and there was a lot of wonderful things being shared!  

Light the World!!

Love you ALL, Elder Amann


Monday, December 5, 2016

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MERRY CHRISTMAS, it was 118 Degrees Yesterday!!

December is a huge excuse to talk about Jesus, so you bet we´re using it to its fulllest!

So this month the Church has an initiative called Ilumina El Mundo, or Illuminate the World.

Its basically just focusing on Service that we can do for each other this month, and there are TONS of great service ideas for every day this month on


Today I want to talk about how important it is to just love.  Thats one thing that Elder Almeida, my old comp taught me.  We had trouble getting along all the time, and when I finally decided to just LOVE him, he ended up going home the next week.  Our time with each other, with our neighbors, with our friends, even with our enemies, is EXTREMELY short.  It is so short that it does not make sense to treat them with any thing other than love.  It is very hard, but I know if we focus on serving each other, and not worrying about our own selfish needs, we can truly love every one this Christmas.  Thats my hope. ♥ 


Also, I sharpied out the letter "a" in front of Elder Briones´s Apollo sented deodorant, making it Pollo sented! (pollo is the spanish word for Chicken).  


Elder Amann